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**** Engineer's indispensable tool !!! ***
Please try general.
A "HybridCalc".
It is a calculator from which the numerical result can be requested intuitively
and efficiently by combining digital computer (calculator) and analog computers (slide rule).

An analog computer (slide rule) does two measures (C scale and D scale) in slides,
and the numerical result is requested by reading the scale.

The measure does the slide and puts the numerical value together.

The ten keys input can be used to put the numerical value together on the scale accurately.
Moreover, the calculating formula (multiplication and division calculation) from the scale
and the numerical result are automatically displayed.

* calculation example ?
There is meat of $1.46 for 233g.
Question 1 . How much by 600g.
Question 2 . How many grams every $8.00 can you buy it?
Question 3 . There is meat of $1.60 for 260g. Which is expensive?

1."Init" The position of the measure is initialized pushing the button. The center scale of the measure is set to 1.00.
2. It is input with ten keys as "2.33", and the tap does the "SetD" button.
D scale indicates and the scale at the slide doing and the center indicates "2.33".
3. It is input with ten keys as "1.46" and, next, the tap does the "SetC" button.
C scale indicates and the scale at the slide doing and the center indicates "1.46".
4. "Sync" The button is pushed. C scale thereafter synchronizes with D scale and it comes to do the slide.
5.The scale is done in the slide, and the scale of C scale shows "3.76" when the scale of D scale is matched to "6.00", and $3.76 is understood.
6.When the scale of C scale is matched to "8.00", the scale is done in the slide, and it is understood to become "12.76", and to be able to buy the scale of D scale by 1276g.
7.Do the scale in the slide, and when you match the scale of D scale to "2.60"
It is understood that the scale of C scale becomes "1.63", and the meat of $1.46 for 233g is more expensive.
Thus, the ratio can be efficiently calculated.

* feature button of slide rule ?

"Init" The slide rule is initialized. The value is assumed to be 1.00.
"Sync" A synchronous function of two scales is done and on/off is done.
"SetD" The calculator display value is applied to D scale.
"SetC" The calculator display value is applied to C scale.
"SetCI" The calculator display value is applied to the CI scale.
"Recall" The value of D scale is assumed to be an input value of the calculator.
"x10" The calculator display value is multiplied by ten. .
"÷10" The calculator display value is divided by ten.

The calculation of the slide rule is a calculation by round numbers.
The significant digit is treble.
Moreover, the range of the numerical value is 0.1-100.
When this range is exceeded, it is necessary to change the scaling.
"x10" "÷10" It is possible to change with a button.

Support URL:http:http://hybridcalc.blogspot.com/2011/10/hybrid-calc.html

Release history
-2011/4/2 Ver 1.0
-2011/4/ Ver 1.1

System Requirements: Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Systems: iOS

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